With a knack for narrative songwriting, following in the footsteps of Randy Newman and Tom Waits, Toronto based artist Marshall Jacklin combines detailed and compelling storytelling framed within an eclectic and forward thinking musical style. Each song is treated like a miniature movie, with characters of emotional depth observed with a lens for minor yet sticky details, such as the “tiny bubbles rising” from the bottoms of pints, or a broken button on a jacket “swinging red vine”. 

Originally a jazz pianist, Jacklin took some time away from being a performing musician to further understand modern recording and sound creation. From this period he gained the artistic confidence to take full control of his sound, writing, performing, arranging and producing all of the music released here. In this way the listener is offered an unbridled line of connection and intimacy, much like that of the fiction writers he draws influence from. 

With the release of multiple singles to start 2020, listeners can look forward to a full length project later in the year. 


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