Film Camera
Collection vol 1 available now



With a gift for narrative songwriting, Toronto artist Marshall Jacklin tells detailed and compelling stories over a musical backdrop that combines elements of jazz, folk, and electronic. Each track is treated like a miniature movie; the narrators observing repeatable situations with a lens for minor yet weighty details, such as the way “golden bubbles rise” from the bottom of pint glasses or how “smoke seems like a bored man’s kite”. 

The upcoming collections choose to focus on the burned landscape of post-breakdown. After the drama and adrenaline have dissipated, what happens in the moments of drudgery, boredom and the struggle of putting things back together? 

With every release having been recorded, arranged, performed and produced by Jacklin, there is a clear and unobstructed connection between the artist and listener; a hallmark that he drew from his love of fiction writers. 

“These songs are the all-enveloping conversations we have with ourselves. The kinds where you don’t realize the lights turned green again, until the crash of honking whips you back”. 

Collection Vol. 1 arrives April 17th, 2020. Listeners can look forward to Volume II on May 15th and Volume III on June 19th. 


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Marshall Jacklin Copyright © 2020